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Welcome to my new blog page.  I am in the process of moving my blog to this site, so there is not much to read in the moment! :) I will be adding photos and stories as time permits as I have other projects ongoing (doesn't everyone?). LOL

For the curious, the blog is here:

Oh, and if anyone is wondering about the opulence of using 'the legend' in my work, there is a story behind the title. I will include it (soon), for context. Also, when I stopped performing, I opened an atelier and boutique in Istanbul. The costume line was known as the Marta the Legend Luxuryline. The domain was used for marketing the costumes and that is why I still have it. 



9 October 2022 - Elton John concert, San Jose, Levi's Stadium

We started off on Friday driving to San Jose to the Levi's stadium to see Elton John. Terrific musicians. I was delighted that besides the famous songs we all love, they also played some jazzy pieces and were able to show off how talented they truly are. The concert was really spectacular. 



The German years

At the end of the 1970's, the New York Hustle and the Latin Hustle were all the rage in New York.  My friend, Bill Kerr, and I taught classes in Wiesbaden, Germany in a place called the American Arms. We even did a performance at a German dance school (I need to find the name, I have it somewhere) on TotenSonntag.

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