All About Marta

How to organize recipes

All the years I was dancing, I had little interest in cooking, so I started quite late to discover how much fun creating in the kitchen could be.

I'm an instinctive chef. This means, more often than not, I cook with a list of ingredients rather than following a structured recipe with measurements of 1/2 tsp of this and 1/4 tsp of that.

Similarly, I am following a not-so-common method in organizing my recipes. There are plenty of structured organization systems to be found on the internet. But for me, using binders as follows seems to work best:

Binder 1:  Main meat dishes

Binder 2: Main seafood dishes

Binder 3: Salads, vegetables and condiments

Binder 4: Soups and appetizers

As I collect more recipe ideas, I will probably tweak this list. Let's see how it works. I've only just started!


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