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photo: Sheraton, Abu Dhabi

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AUGUST 23, 2022 - WordPress login attempts 

What is going on with all these login attempts to my WordPress site??? ...Read more


AUGUST 6, 2022 - The overwhelming To-Do list. LOL

Do you ever have that day (or several days, months, insert time period) where you think, ‘ok, today I’m going … Read More


What we do

Design costumes, provide job application advice, provide download courses for belly dance

This is pretty much the forerunner to my autobiography. A collection of stories of my life path and photos taken along the way. 

Supporting the artist community

View a selection of work by Sacramento artist Ray Brancaleone.

Advice - ask Marta

1) Visit my LinkedIn page for info about how to apply for a job with the State of California and navigate the application process, with tips on what to include on your app to meet the matrix review requirements.

2) Read my Advice page on various topics


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